The Double+ gang discover that sometimes greed can extend beyond the grave, as they are thrust into a battle between revolting real estate developers and their ghoulish goon bent on destroying the idyllic Gear Town with ghastly gentrification and the most frightful sight of all… condos!

Select praise for HOUSE OF THE BLACK SPOT:

  • The Comics Journal review: “Sears’ strength is absolutely as a visual storyteller, but there’s enough happening in his engaging characters, involving storylines, and light-fingered explorations of contemporary issues that [his] books are always something to look forward to, and the latest, House of the Black Spot, is a perfect example.”

  • “Imagine Indiana Jones as told by Hayao Miyazaki.”
    - Zainab Akhtar, The Guardian

  • “Sears creates comics that are easy for kids to enjoy with their crisp cartooning, bright colors, and clever sense of humor, but he also includes rich thematic content that makes his books a more substantial read for adults.”
    - Oliver Sava, The A.V. Club

HOUSE OF THE BLACK SPOT by Ben Sears (Koyama Press, May 2019)

HOUSE OF THE BLACK SPOT by Ben Sears (Koyama Press, May 2019)