Every witch needs a family…

Aster's parents have finally agreed that he can learn witchery with the girls, but he has a lot of catching up to do. So when Grandmother offers her tutoring in exchange for a favor, Aster jumps at the chance, until she asks him to help his great-uncle, Mikasi. Family or no, Aster isn't ready to face the beast who nearly destroyed him and his cousins.

Across town, dark magic has attached itself to Aster's friend Charlie. Witches are taught never to create a "Fetch," a cruel shadow form that does only harm. But the thing following Charlie is a clear sign that someone is breaking the rules.

With the help of his family, Aster does everything he can to protect Charlie. But to discover who's making the Fetch, and to put a stop to it, he'll need darker, more powerful magic, from the most dangerous witch he knows...

Select praise for THE HIDDEN WITCH:

  • Kirkus starred review: "Ostertag’s sophomore effort is every bit as wonderful as its predecessor, with continued strong worldbuilding, lovely large and bright illustrations, and its approachable and diverse cast that runs a true-to-life spectrum encompassing white-, tan-, and dark-skinned characters as well as same-sex relationships... An absolutely bewitching sequel."

  • School Library Journal review: "An exciting continuation of Aster's supernatural journey, whose coming-of-age messages will resonate with middle graders."

THE HIDDEN WITCH by Molly Ostertag (Scholastic, October 2018)

THE HIDDEN WITCH by Molly Ostertag (Scholastic, October 2018)