Sarah Winifred Searle originally hails from spooky New England but currently lives in sunny Perth, Australia. She writes and draws comics inspired by intimacy of all sorts, history, and the need for better diversity in media.

Sarah is working on multiple original graphic novels, including SINCERELY, HARRIET (Graphic Universe, 2019), SPARKS (Iron Circus, 2019), and THE GREATEST THING (First Second, 2020). You might recognize her from contributions to series such as Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions, Valiant's Faith, and Adventure Time, or the many short comics she's made for indie anthologies. Her autobiographical comic "The Price of Acceptance", originally published by The Nib, was shortlisted for Slate's 2018 Cartoonist Studio Prize.



(First Second, forthcoming 2020)

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Winifred faces her sophomore year of high school with dread until she meets a pair of queer, punky freshmen. They teach her how to modify her clothing to feel more comfortable in her skin, using pins and patches to create a suit of armor. These new friendships and the comic zines they produce together keep Win afloat as she navigates issues of body image, disordered eating, and depression. THE GREATEST THING is a fictionalized memoir about the kinds of well-meaning moments and quiet mistakes that help a person figure out not just who they are, but who they need to become.


(Lerner Graphic Universe, forthcoming 2019)

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Harriet Flores, a twelve-year-old only child, finds herself alone, bored, and stuck at her family’s new apartment after a move from rural Indiana to Chicago. While learning how to manage the change of scenery, a one-sided pen-pal situation, and a health issue she’s trying not to think about, Harriet uses her imagination to deal—for better and for worse. She creates a more vivid world inside the apartment by deciding that the place is haunted, the mailman is up to something, and her elderly landlady has stored a dark secret on the unoccupied top floor. Only after Harriet forms a bond with the landlady, a retired librarian named Pearl, does she begin to truly understand the power of storytelling. But maybe she wasn’t wrong about something being trapped upstairs…


(Iron Circus Comics, forthcoming 2019)

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Set in the Edwardian era, Sparks begins with Patience, a kindhearted country girl, and her introduction into the world of formal service on the grounds of an English country manor. Selfless, dutiful, and just a touch naive, she takes to both her place as a parlor maid and to her new roommate, the bookish and progressive lady’s maid, Esther.

In another time, the two women would have likely kept one another’s company forever in their little attic bedroom, living out their days together in the employ of a Lord. But the world is changing. The age of Empire has brought with it not only plundered wealth, but worldliness and social revolution. Suffragists agitate in the street, idle-rich bohemians challenge sexual mores, and Patience and Esther slowly come to realize the world is wider and full of more adventure and opportunity than they ever imagined… so long as they find the will to seize it.