Sally Jane Thompson is an illustrator and comic creator. Her work tends towards gentle, contemplative stories grounded in real life, often with a magic realist twist. Sally's comics have been featured in several collections, including Liberator Vol 1 (Black Mask Studios), Womanthology: Space (IDW), Thought Bubble Vol 1 (Image Comics), and 1000 Ideas by 100 Manga Artists (Rockport Publishers Inc), among others.


(Emet Comics - Fresh Romance, 2017)

Practical forest retreat grounds keeper Abby and passionate city entrepreneur Chris are drawn to each other the minute they meet. But are their differences in temperament simply more pain than a relationship is worth?  

(Rosy Press - Fresh Romance, 2015)

On the surface, Ruby is a cynical, bored barista. Behind her facade, however, Ruby is a cynical, bored Love Emissary from another dimension. She can't wait to finish her mission so she can get to a more exciting job. Buthe regulars at the coffee shop she works at are about to teach her a lesson about love that goes well beyond logic and math.

RED JACK - artist
(David Fickling Comics - The Phoenix, 2015)

(AAM Markosia, 2013)

Sixteen year old Tamrika Fuller is happy with her life. With good friends and good grades, she's content to keep her options open for her future. But when her parents reveal they've been saving for several years to send her to their Alma Mater for her final years of high school – an old-fashioned boarding academy miles from her home in Vancouver – she's thrown out of her comfort zone.