Madeleine Flores is a cartoonist, writer, animator, and the creator of the popular webcomic Help Us! Great Warrior, which is now available as a monthly serial from BOOM! Studios. She also collaborates on the animated series Bee and Puppycat. She lives in LA and has a cat named Dirtbike.

Madeleine Flores' YA graphic novel I WANT YOU, about a girl working in her brother's cat cafe who has a secret magical ability that allows her to get whatever she wishes for whenever she says “I want,” to Ari Yarwood at Oni Press, for publication in 2018, by Jen Linnan at Linnan Literary Management (World).

(Boom! Studios, 2014-2015)

Based on Madeleine Flores’ popular webcomic, Help Us! Great Warrior is about a very powerful (but deceptively tiny) Great Warrior who protects her village from evil-doers and looks rad while doing it!

Possessing great strength and even greater self-confidence, she’s ready to kick some butts and save everyone, especially hunks/pals/handsome skeletons. But Great Warrior has a secret...and will her friends stand by her side when they find it out?