Jamila Rowser is an award-winning writer and publisher who enjoys creating comics for Black and Brown women. She's known for her comics Wash Day (illustrated by Robyn Smith) and Wobbledy 3000 (illustrated by Sabii Borno). She's based in Miami and loves the beach, anime and her two cats.

Website: https://www.jamilarowser.com/
Shop: https://www.blackjoseipress.com/
Twitter: @JamilaRowser
Instagram: jamilarowser


(Black Josei Press, 2018) - writer

2019 DINKy Award for Best Floppy Comic

Wash Day is a slice-of-life comic that pays tribute to the beauty and endurance of Black women and their hair. The story follows Kimana, a 26-year-old woman living in the Bronx, as she cares for her long, thick hair. As Kim goes through her Sunday morning rituals, we see the highs and lows of her day—fresh coffee, rising rent, girl talk and catcalls.

wobbledy 3000 cover.jpg

(Black Josei Press, 2018) - writer

The comic book Wobbledy 3000 reminds us that twerkin’ ain’t easy. The story takes place on Earth 3000 and follows LaToya and her best friends Alma and Aonia as they head to the club. LaToya plans to twerk the night away with other humans, androids and aliens, but soon realizes that she is in over her head.

ragtime blues page.jpg

A Cowboy Bebop Fanbook
(Shortbox, 2018) - co-writer, “Ragtime Blues”

When a mysterious masked man steals Ein from the Bebop crew, Spike finds himself fighting his most difficult foe yet.